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Tips and Tricks for a better Windows Phone 8 experience~1: Screenshots

As a windows phone user, I was looking forward to get my hands on one of the new windows phone 8 devices. And finally  I did. Hurray! I treated myself with a gorgeous HTC 8X 🙂

Even though  I am only using my phone since yesterday, I can notice the huge improvements in the new OS and new devices.

Some of these improvements are really simple but very useful. The kind of things that make you say  “ WOW, now I can do this ! “.

With my ex-windows phones, I wasn’t able to take screenshots whenever I wanted to demo something but now, with windows phone 8, you can have your screenshot in a second.

All you have to do is to press the home button and the power button in the same time.


As a result, look to this beautiful lock screen I have:

lock screen

I know, there is nothing complicated in here but think how useful it is 🙂

It will help me show you more tips and tricks , stay tuned 🙂


The Windows Phone 7.8 Update


The Windows phone summit just ended a few hours ago. As expected the summit was dedicated to present Microsoft’s new Windows Phone OS : the Windows Phone 8.

Like many of you out there, I was so excited about the summit and I wanted to know about the new features in Windows Phone8 , but  I also wanted to know if the current windows phone devices would be upgraded to WP8 ? The answer is no .

Greg Sullivan explained that the reason behind this decision is the HARDWARE .He said:  “ the nature of the investment [in Windows Phone 8] is primarily in areas that are not exploitable by existing hardware.”

But the current devices will get another update , it is the Windows Phone 7.8.

Basically, Windows Phone 7.8 is a Windows Phone 8 without the hardware part. It will have  the new start screen with the customizable tiles. Tiles will have three sizes just like in Windows Phone 8 . It is up to the user to choose the size that suits him best. Tiles will also have new colors.

Although it is very realistic that the current devices will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 because of the hardware’s big changes , users ( at least those on my Twitter Timeline ) aren’t very happy with  the  fact that they will have to get new devices if they want to have the Windows Phone 8 ,  especially those who have Nokia Lumia 900 phones.

Cheer up Windows Phone users , you will have nearly the same experience as the Windows Phone 8 Clignement d'œil