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Exploring Visual Studio11 Express for Windows Developer Preview

With the pre-beta version of Windows8 , Microsoft also released Visual Studio11 Developer Preview available to MSDN subscribers at first and public starting today.


So what’s new in VS11 ?

Visual Studio11 Express for Windows Developer Preview allows you to create different types of applications. Either you are a HTML and Javascrip ninja , C# / VB.Net guru or C++ master, VS11 Express is the IDE you need to create a “ Blow Mind” Metro Style applications .

supported languages

Javascript templates:

When you click on Javascript , you have multiple choice :


  • Blank Application : comes with default.html page containing a blank body, default.js page and a CSS style sheet.
  • Fixed Layout Application: it’s a Blank Application with fixed layout.
  • Grid Application: it’s a a “multi page project for navigating multiple layers of content with item details details displayed on dedicated page”. If you are familiar with Windows phone, that would probably look for you like panorama and pivot apps.
  • Navigation Application: it’s a Metro Style Application with navigation support.
  • Split Application: it’s a “ project for navigating among a master list of items while viewing their details on the same page

Visual C# / Visual Basic templates:


  • Application : blank application
  • Grid Application : same thing as the javascript templates.
  • Split Application: same thing as the javascript templates.
  • Class Library: allows you to create class library useful in other Metro Style Applications.
  • Unit Test Library

Visual C++ templates:


  • WinRT Component DLL : helps you create Metro Style server DLL.
  • DirectX Application: allows you to create a blank Metro Style Application using DirectX.


That was a quick Visual Studio11 Express for Developer Preview walkthrough, more details coming in the next posts !

Stay Tuned Sourire