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Quick Tip: Switch User In Visual Studio 2013

To switch user in Visual Studio 2013,  resetting user data using the developer console (devenv /resetuserdata) will not be enough.


You also need to delete the registry key under hkey_current_user\software\Microsoft\VSCommon\12.0\clientservices\tokenstorge\visualstudio\ideuser


To open the Registry Editor in windows 8, all you have to do is to type “regedit” in the search.

I hope you find this tip useful 🙂


Reviewing UCertify preparation kit for the 70-515 .Net 4.0 Exam : The Review

As mentioned in a previous post , I am reviewing UCertify prep Kit for the 70-515 .Net 4.0 Exam.

Sorry it took me so long to get you my final report probably because I am a lazy blogger ( shame!) .

Hopefully my review will help you preparing your exam.

Learn & Practice

learn & practice

You can notice that this section contains a group of tests that will help you before talking the real exam.

  • Diagnostic test : This test aims to identify one condidate’s weaknessso he can focus his preparations accordingly. ~15 questions
  • Practice test A : This test closely simulates the actual exam. ~55 questions
  • Practice test B : This is the second predefined test simulating the actual exam. ~55 questions
  • Practice test C : This is the third predefined test simulating the actual exam. ~55 questions
  • Final test : This test aims to evaluate if the condidate is ready for the real exam. ~55 questions
  • Interactive quiz : It contains six quizzes designed to test key concepts required to pass the actual exam. ~149 questions
  • Adaptive test : Test questions depend on your level , if you answer correctly one question, the next one will have a higher level and vice-versa. ~25 questions
  • Create a custom test : you can create your own test.

create test

  • Create a fixed time test : You can create a test based on the amout of time you have.

For every test, there is a menu to help the condidate moving throw the different questions(prior, next, last, first) . He can add notes or feedback.


Study Helper

study helper

This section contains study notes and some quizzes for six chapters:

  • Developing Web Forms Pages.
  • DEveloping and Using Web Forms Controls.
  • Implementing Client-Side Scripting ans Ajax.
  • Configuring and Extending a Web Application
  • Displaying and Manipulating Data.
  • Developing a Web Application by Using ASP.NET MVC2 .

Study Material

study material

As indicated by the title, this section contains all the study materials you need : articles, tips, notes etc.

Track Your Progress

track your progress

This section gives the condidate an overview of his progress and readiness for the exam.

  • Test history : shows the tests taken and the performance in each one of them.

test history

  • Test readiness report : indicates the performance in each test.

test report

  • Objective readiness report : indicates the performance in each chapter.


As you can see , I am not ready for the exam , I should study more Tire la langue

The preparation kit is easy to use, helps you study and focus on your weakness before taking the vendor exam.

I would definitly advise you to use it , if you are thinking of taking the 70-515 exam.

Reviewing UCertify preparation kit for the 70-515 .Net 4.0 Exam : Introductory Review

I received an Email from UCertify asking me to review the preparation kit for some exams. That made me very happy and of course I accepted to do it with great pleasure.

I choosed to review the Microsoft exams ( Surprise ! Surprise ! ) and will be starting with the 70-515 exam.

Before publishing my review about the prepKit , I wanted to introduce both the exam and UCertify.

UCertify :

UCertify is a leading provider of test preparation software for IT certification exams. It creates top quality test preparation software for over hundreds of IT certificationexams from all major vendors including Microsoft,  IBM, Oracle,  CompTIA,  Cisco, Adobe.

You can find a prepKit for a almost all  the exams :

UCertify MS exams

The preparation kits contain trainings, tips  study notes etc.

You can get a free trial  before buying the kit :


Microsoft 70-515:

TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

“ This exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills for developing Web applications using ASP.NET and the .NET Framework 4.”

It is for professional Web developers who are familiar and experienced in ASP.NET, LINQ , ADO.NET , WCF etc and who are using Visual Studio and .Net Framework 4.0.

When passing the 70-515 exam you become a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist ( MCTS) : .Net Framework 4, Web Applications.

The PrepKit :


This is a first look to the PrepKit , I’ll be reviewing.

Stay tuned for the review in my next post and meanwhile download the free trial and try it Sourire

Windows Phone announcements in the Mobile World Congress

Today at the Mobile World Congress, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Windows Phone Director Joe Belfiore revealed the Windows Phone’s features coming later this Year .

We heard a lot of rumors about updates coming on 2011 , mainly the copy and paste update . It was supposed to come on January 2011 but nothing till now. Today, they announced that it will arrive in the first two weeks of March.

besides the copy and paste update, the headline features of this update are Multitasking support for third party applications , a new Web browser based on Internet Explorer 9 and  Twitter will be part of the people hub.

One major big announce concerning Windows Phone also is the new partnership beetween Microsoft and Nokia . WP7 will be the main OS for Nokia’s mobile devices.

Cheer up Windows Phone developers 🙂

WP7 developers from Middle East and Africa this is for you !!

“This is a skill-based Contest and chance plays no part in the determination of the winner(s).

The MEA Windows Phone 7 Challenge is a student technology Contest. It stimulates students from Middle East and Africa to develop Windows Phone 7 compatible applications.”

Yeahhhhhh !!! it’s true !!! Believe it !!! and guess what : The winner will go on a 5 days trip  to Redmond ! WooOoow  🙂

The contest is split to 5 rounds. The first four rounds are qualifying rounds. The fifth round is the grand Final .


Round1 : December 1st –>December  31st

Round2 : January 1st –>Januaryr  30th

Round3 : Fabruary 1st –>Fabruary  28th

Round4 : March 1st –>March  31st

Round5 : April 1st –>April  20th

It’s a great opportunity ! Participate and Dont miss this 🙂


Oh yeah ! PDC is on and no need to be in Seattle , you can watch it online .

There are alot of sessions about Windows Phone7 :

*Optimizing Performance for Silverlight Windows Phone 7 Applications.

*Building Windows Phone 7 applications with the Windows Azure Platform.

*Things I Wish I Knew Three Months Ago about Building Windows Phone 7 Applications.


Developers! Developers! Developers !

Not only the PDC attendees get gifts ( WP7 phones) , we get  gifts too :

* Free ” Programming Windows Phone 7″ Book : A small ~ 38 MB download and  It is yours! Wait … another small ~ 5 MB download to get the source code of all the examples mentioned in the book.

*Download the OData Client Libraries for Windows Phone 7 from Codeplex.

Stay tuned ,i’m sure there are others surprises 🙂