Rabeb is a fresh graduate computer engineer . She specializes in User Experience Technologies including Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows Phone 7, in addition to C# and .NET Technologies.

Recently, she has been working at the Microsoft Innovation Center Tunisia where she coordinates programs such as DreamSpark and WebsiteSpark. She has been employed as an intern for Cyberesa.Net focusing on Windows Phone 7 applications development.

She was selected for the Microsoft reality show Career Factor as Windows Phone 7 Finalist .

She has been recognized as a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) for the last two years (2009/2010 and 2010/2011). Additionally, she is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in .Net Framework 2.0, .Net Framework 3.5 and Windows Presentation Foundation.

Rabeb excelled at the Microsoft-sponsored Imagine Cup 2010, where she won the local finals in Tunisia and participated in the international finals in Warsaw, Poland.

She is passionate about new technologies and aims to improve her professional knowledge and communication skills throughout her professional career. She is ambitious and loves new challenges. She is an avid proponent of social media and shares her stories and experiences with others.

  1. It’s giving me a great push 🙂 Thank you Rabeb for the whole blog. I hope to have a similar career to yours 🙂

  2. Rabeb,

    you got a wonderful blog. I was discussing about taking microsoft .net certifications yesterday with my friend and today I found your blog post about the Certify kit! Keep the posts coming and good luck with your career.

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