Reviewing UCertify preparation kit for the 70-515 .Net 4.0 Exam : The Review

As mentioned in a previous post , I am reviewing UCertify prep Kit for the 70-515 .Net 4.0 Exam.

Sorry it took me so long to get you my final report probably because I am a lazy blogger ( shame!) .

Hopefully my review will help you preparing your exam.

Learn & Practice

learn & practice

You can notice that this section contains a group of tests that will help you before talking the real exam.

  • Diagnostic test : This test aims to identify one condidate’s weaknessso he can focus his preparations accordingly. ~15 questions
  • Practice test A : This test closely simulates the actual exam. ~55 questions
  • Practice test B : This is the second predefined test simulating the actual exam. ~55 questions
  • Practice test C : This is the third predefined test simulating the actual exam. ~55 questions
  • Final test : This test aims to evaluate if the condidate is ready for the real exam. ~55 questions
  • Interactive quiz : It contains six quizzes designed to test key concepts required to pass the actual exam. ~149 questions
  • Adaptive test : Test questions depend on your level , if you answer correctly one question, the next one will have a higher level and vice-versa. ~25 questions
  • Create a custom test : you can create your own test.

create test

  • Create a fixed time test : You can create a test based on the amout of time you have.

For every test, there is a menu to help the condidate moving throw the different questions(prior, next, last, first) . He can add notes or feedback.


Study Helper

study helper

This section contains study notes and some quizzes for six chapters:

  • Developing Web Forms Pages.
  • DEveloping and Using Web Forms Controls.
  • Implementing Client-Side Scripting ans Ajax.
  • Configuring and Extending a Web Application
  • Displaying and Manipulating Data.
  • Developing a Web Application by Using ASP.NET MVC2 .

Study Material

study material

As indicated by the title, this section contains all the study materials you need : articles, tips, notes etc.

Track Your Progress

track your progress

This section gives the condidate an overview of his progress and readiness for the exam.

  • Test history : shows the tests taken and the performance in each one of them.

test history

  • Test readiness report : indicates the performance in each test.

test report

  • Objective readiness report : indicates the performance in each chapter.


As you can see , I am not ready for the exam , I should study more Tire la langue

The preparation kit is easy to use, helps you study and focus on your weakness before taking the vendor exam.

I would definitly advise you to use it , if you are thinking of taking the 70-515 exam.


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