Windows Live SDK for Windows Phone: Calendaring #1

Windows Phone 7.5 codenamed Mango brought with it lots of new features.

One of the remarkable features is the “ Calendar & ToDos”.

On september 27th, 2011, published a very detailed post about Mango’s new features.

Here is the video previewing what you can do with the calendar:

“ Tasks are back!! Not only do Exchange tasks now sync with the “To-Do’s” tab with-in the Calendar, but now Windows Live Hotmail To-Do’s sync there as well. Windows Live’s To-Do’s list never used to sync with anything. It seems strange to call them “Todos” since Outlook calls them tasks, but whatever… at least you can see, edit, and manage the things you have to do at work and in your personal life. Most other smartphones still don’t sync Exchange tasks, and it’s great to see this feature back in Windows Phone… and in full force with Windows Live Hotmail.”

However, not everything related to a consumer’s Live profile is available on the phone natively. So Microsoft released a new Windows Live SDK which allows access to Calendars, Contacts, Documents, and more.

In previous posts, we discussed how to use Skydrive in Windows Phone applications.

This time , we will see how to use the calendar.

As mentioned in MSDN, “ The Calendar object contains info about a user’s Hotmail calendar. The Live Connect REST API supports creating, reading, updating, and deleting calendars. Use the wl.calendars scope to read a user’s Calendar objects. Use the wl.calendars_update scope to create Calendar objects for a user. Use the wl.contacts_calendars scope to read a user’s friends’ Calendar objects.”

So before digging deeper in the code and in the case you did not install the necessary tools, here is what you need:

In the next post, we will learn how to read the calendar.

Stay Tuned Sourire


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