Kinect for Windows is available !


Oh yeah, as announced by Steve Ballmer at CES, Kinect for Windows SDK is now available for download.

The Kinect for Windows SDK will allow developers to create applications supporting gesture and voice recognition on computers running Windows 7 , Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows 8 developer preview .

You can download the SDK from where you can find the system requirements and the installation instructions.

More details are available on the Kinect for Windows Blog.

Mary-Jo Foley has also written a post about the new features on the Kinect for Windows.

Hurry up ! Install the SDK and happy coding Sourire


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  1. You forgot one part: “buy the device”.
    Looks like the new SDK doesn’t work with the old (xbox) kinect.
    And the Kinect for Windows costs 250USD while the old Kinect for Xbox was 100USD or less.
    If you still want to work with the old Kinect you have to keep using the old SDK beta:

  2. Humm, I didn’t know that !
    I wonder what the ‘Kinect guys’ think about it !!!

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