From University to real life with love …

Before reading this post, you should probably forget about the love part.


I am a fresh graduate software engineer, I left university six months ago.

I was very exited to finally get rid of homeworks and exams, and be part of the real world.

Well, the real world is not really the world I had in mind…

I honestly think that those people who brag about how easy they got into their jobs are just liars.

It’s not easy because there are rules and you need time to understand those rules.

In  university, you are surrounded by colleagues who are probably  friends too, and your only commitement is to you and to your family. Your ultimate goal is to succeed.

But, your job is someone else business, and you are commited to that someone to deliver good quality projects and before the deadlines.

Your goal is to please your superior, who’s goal is to please his superior…to finally have a happy  boss.

Buttom of line, you don’t have friends at work, some of your colleagues might be but it’s a rare case. So be professional , use formal ways to communicate with them.

And make sure you do the work correctly. You should play by the rules.

I finally understand what is meant by “experience”. In a world where we see a totally new technology everyday, I think technical knowledge is not the primary metric to mesure experience.

Experience is to learn how to work as a team player, how to deal with stress and anger, how to be strong and how to live by the rules.

[Note]: I would like to thank my boss Bruno Walther who teached me lots of what I am talking about in my post.

[Update] : One of my friends , my editor-in-chief says : 

you know, your post feels like a pissimistic view of work in the “real life”

This is not the point, I do not mean to make you affraid of work.

You should enjoy and love your work, I am just saying that you should be ready and professional  Sourire


About rabeb

Unapologetic Muslim, Tunisian,Arab, African, Woman-In-Tech, Engineer, Developer advocate for Nexmo, Feminist, Traveller, Blogger, Woman. Proud of all of the above.

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  1. nice post, i agree with you about almost every thing, but there is a way to know real word before graduating, your dad should be a busy man at home and in vacations 🙂 and you should be ok in your first job

  2. Thank you 🙂
    Well, in fact my dad and I never talked about that. I don’t even know why 🙂 I guess it’s part of his strategy to let me do my own choices and be responsible.

  3. really great post Rabeb. Same situation here. Graduated last year. Professional life is so tough than our university/ college life. We have no time for our friends and family now, to keep boss happy and to deliver work on time we work under pressure. We see the sun in the whole day i guess two times. 😉

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