Notifications & Metro Style apps in Windows8 : Local Toast

As explained in the previous post about notifications in Windows8, notifications can be local or from the Cloud ( push ) .

In this post, we will be discussing the local notifications.

Start a new project

       Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview –> New Project –> JavaScript –> Blank Application


Define the notification

      In the ‘js’ folder, let’s add a new item: a javascript file called toast.

js folder

      You should first choose a template for your toast, you can refer to Toast Template Type.

      Back to the toast.js where we will write the following code :

toast code

“This example uses the ToastImageAndText01 template, which consists of a large image with, to its right, a single string wrapped across three lines of text.

To specify the content, we retrieve the collection of text elements then enumerates through that collection, assigning a string to each of those elements . It then retrieves the image element and assigns it an image and alt text.” Windows dev center – Metro Style apps

See the toast in action

    We need to let the application send the toast.

    In the ‘ default.html’ file, add a reference to the toast script :



Voila ! Quick and easy Sourire


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