Fluid UI

This simple application present an introduction to Fluid UI.

1* Create a new project with Blend4

2*Draw a Rectangle and change the Fill property to the color of your choice:

3*In the States panel, click the Add state group button (Add state group button) to add a new state group.

4*Click the Add state button (Add state button) to add a new state.

5*Change the state’s name to “NowYouSeeMe”.

6*Add another state and change the name to “NowYouDont”.

7*Select the Rectangle and change the Visibility property to “Collapsed”.

8*Toggle between the two states to see the rectangle disappear and reappear.

It’s only an introduction,i’ll let you discover how FluidLayout can be usefull 🙂


About rabeb

Unapologetic Muslim, Tunisian,Arab, African, Woman-In-Tech, Engineer, Developer advocate for Nexmo, Feminist, Traveller, Blogger, Woman. Proud of all of the above.

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