Fluid UI

The concept of “Fluid UI” represents the idea that visual elements in an interface should move and appear in a smooth manner, allowing the user to track and observe changes rather than be confused and startled. In practice, this can be difficult to implement when dealing with very discrete properties, such as Row and Column coordinates in a Grid. In an effort to help you make more “fluid” interfaces, the Expression Blend and Silverlight teams have made available a few features to make the work needed much simpler.

In Blend 4, Fluid Layout has many new tricks. You can now define layout animations between a master list and a detail view and animate things that move between lists. You can also animate the process of items being added to and removed from a ListBox.

An exciting enhancement has been made to the FluidMoveBehavior.

By using FluidMoveBehavior together with FluidMoveSetTagBehavior, you can animate a transition from a specified starting point, even if that initial location is specified only by a reference to the data that is displayed in your application and may exist in a different scope. Data tagged by FluidMoveSetTagBehavior is available for use with FluidMoveBehavior by using a hidden data store.

FluidMoveBehavior is optimized for two main scenarios: animating from a master list to a detail view and animating list items from one list to another.

In my next serie of posts, we will see some simple applications to better understand this concept : Fluid UI.


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