Microsoft Expression Blend4’s new features

I’am trying to learn about the new features of Blend4 and i want to share this with all of you 🙂

let’s start with the PathListBox:

The PathListBox is a new control included in the Expression Blend 4 SDK that builds on the original functionality of the ListBox, displaying multiple items and item selection, and new functionality enabling path-based layout. The PathListBox provides many areas of customization through properties and a custom child container control, the PathListBoxItem.

The following application  will explore some techniques using the PathListBox:

  • Step1:

Start a new  Silverlight project in Microsoft Expression Blend4 .

  • Step2:

Draw your path: choose the shape that you want to use as path.

I’am going to choose for example the ellipse.Then, double click on ellipse in the objects and timeline window–>Path–>make layout path.

In the Properties window,brushes–> fill : no brush so your path will be invisible.

will notice that another element is added to your objects: a PathListBox.

We should move the PathListBox below the Ellipse in the objects and timeline window.

Select the PathListBox and in the properties window go to layout Paths –>Distribution:Padded , Padding -20

  • Step3:

Now, we have to add items to our PathListBox.We either add them directly,either we use a Sample Data.

For the moment, we will add items directly.

*Select your project’s name in the Projects window–> add existing items.

*Select PathListBox and double click on your items. They will be automatically added as items to your PathlistBox.

  • Step4:

Now, we are going to add an animation :

  1. Add a new Storyboard in the Objects and Timeline panel.
  2. Hit OK on the Create Storyboard Resource dialog.
  3. Position the playhead at the one second mark.
  4. Change the Padding value to spread the items evenly along the ellipse.
  5. Hit play in the Objects panel and watch the items slide into place.

It’s just an initiation to the PathListBox, and we will try  to explore all its possibilities.

I hope you like this post 🙂


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